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Our team makes web site designs, logo и promotional production design since 2009. During this time we have made massive amount of work, some of them you can check out in the "Works" cathegory.

We know how to make your information in the web not only beautiful, but also provide the best user experience. All our works always based on an idea that allow us to solve client problems with minimal cost and maximum efficiency. We appreciate our and client's time.

Pixel Juice is a big opportunity, professionalism, boundless imagination and a deep love to every pixel.

We offer:
Websites development
Making high-quality sites to help you win
Logo design and corporate identity
Help to stand out amongst other
SEO and website promotion
Help to attract the maximum number of clients
Graphic design
Professional approach for design of any printed products
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Our services

Websites development

We're making high-quality sites that will help you win

Online business card

These sites allow your clients to find information about your company, and form an opinion about it.

We can modernize "online business card" based on the individual characteristics of your business.


Online shop — it is a powerful sales tool, which will raise your business to the next level.

We think through the entire process of customer interaction with the site.

Business project

Site created with individual software code and design of any complexity, meeting all the needs of your business.

We will help you achieve the most ambitious business projects in the network.

SEO and website promotion

Our team will help you attract the maximum number of customers
for your business

Website promotion in search engines is the most effective and profitable online advertising so far. Placing your site on the first page of search engines significantly increase the flow of potential customers to your site.

Our advantages
  • We do not use illegal methods of promotion. You can be sure that the reputation of your site will not be affected.
  • Our studio is constantly monitoring the changes in search engine algorithms. This allows us to use the latest site promotion methods and always maintain it at a high position.
  • Every month you are provided progress reports. So you will always be aware of the work done.

Logo design and corporate identity

We will develop logo and corporate identity for you, which will make the right impression.


Is the face of any company. It's hard to imagine a successful business without a logo. The presence of logo will stand out from the competition.

When designing logos, we are guided by three principles: functionality, community and identity.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity in the broadest sense of the word - is the use of common principles, elements, patterns and color combinations in all kinds of promotional items.

Carrier branding can be anything, ranging from official papers, to clothes staff or office building.

Graphic design

Professional approach for advertising. We develop printed products design of any complexity

Depending on the goal or objective, each client, we can offer a wide range of services in the field of visual and technical design. This could include: brochures, design banners, labels, boxes for products, transport advertising, 3D visualization, and more.

The experience of our team in this area will help to find the right solution to your needs and make your advertising as effective as possible.

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